Shoulder Bags

Carino - cross body rectangular bag

KD29.000 Ex Tax: KD29.000

Looking for something practical and trendy at the same time Or you want to have a functional bag in which you can carry a lot of things. We made this bag as convenient as possible ..

Petricor - cross body round bag

KD48.000 Ex Tax: KD48.000

Complication is everywhere except in this simply ethereal leather pocket with sophisticated Texturing, tailored for stealing subtle gaze. Double layers of magnetic flaps have been ..

Alma - makeup kit bag

KD35.000 Ex Tax: KD35.000

It's time to forget the burden of carrying heavy bags wrapped around your shoulder. The Alma makeup kit has been designed in such a way that it reminds you to keep things simple in..


KD35.000 Ex Tax: KD35.000

Combining luxury aesthetic with traditional touches and cutting-edge design, MESH-1 BAGS is on hand to give your carryall line-up a serious upgrade with its latest selection of han..

Mesh - 2

KD39.000 Ex Tax: KD39.000

Mesh two leather handbag are available in various shades and colors. Girls can make great style statements by carrying  these shoulder bag color which match their entire out..

Mesh -3

KD75.000 Ex Tax: KD75.000


Mesh - 4

KD50.000 Ex Tax: KD50.000


Mesh- 5

KD57.000 Ex Tax: KD57.000